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Instant Diagnosis

  • A complete & accurate, whole health checkup without stethoscope or any other diagnostic media, only by pressing with thumb on the discovered reflex-points in the hands and feet. Within 90 minutes. (reflexologically)

  • By using the reflex-points for the functioning detection of each and every gland/organs, including the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, pineal body & brain. All are checked directly.

  • Then all the system's symptoms of disease and their causes are revealed & explained to the patients, instead of asking from them.   (without any enquiry)

  • When the diagnosed person comes to know about such accuracy, he/she is surprised. That is my real proof of human anatomical knowledge, skilled techniques and achievements of my research: in pin-pointing exact locations of the reflex-points in the hands and feet. For witch their corresponding body parts, endocrine & glands/organs, whole list+list of all types of so-called incurable diseases & all ailments due to ANS (sympathetic & Parasympathetic nervous system) spine is excluded.

Drug Free Treatment (The way to your normal health)

                  About 90 minutes daily Reflxologically drug free treatment is provided by thumb pressure, on  the self discovered pin-point exact locations of the inbuilt reflex-points (more than 240), in the hands and feet, + CHIROPRACTIC SPINAL TREATMENT is also provided daily. This spinal treatment is essential to wave off the incurable diseases. These diseases are caused due to the malfunctioning of the sympathetic & Parasympathetic nervous system (ANS). As a result of improper flow of the life driving force (bioelectricity) which does not pass properly through the spine, and as a result the glands/organs start over working / under working (malfunctioning). To overcome this whole problem chiropractic i.e. Spinal treatment is done by manipulating the spinal discs vertebras for proper flow through sympathetic & Parasympathetic nervous system (ANS) itself.


              On the whole the patient is diagnosed and then treated by giving treatment with both therapies i.e. reflexology and chiropractic (Reflexology treatment) and hence cured, without drugs. As a result the immunity is regained by normalizing the whole body systems (glands/organs), then the drugs, which were being taken by the sufferers, are tapered- off (when they feel cured) to enjoy the normal life. Although otherwise life-long medicines are taken by the sufferers and their diseases are so-called incurable by all the medicinal therapies.

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